Day 9- The Garden
January 27th 2007

  I was still abit under the weather today, as was Michelle, but Sophia has been great. Every day she laughs more and plays more. Tonight before bed she, Michelle, and I played for 30 minutes of her cackling laughing. Awesome.
  The big event of the day was going to the Cloud Mountain (Yen) Flower Garden. It has to be the prettiest garden in the world. I took so many pictures that it was hard for me to decide which ones to display.
  After the garden tour, we came back for a nap, did some shopping, and ordered Pizza Hut. Tastes just like home. After lots of playing today, Sophia is in bed early, which is good because my knuckles are dragging the ground. I can't wait to bring my angel home.
Here are 14 pictures from today.

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