Day 8- The Zoo
January 26th 2007

  The weather was in the lower 60's today, so what a perfect day to go to the zoo. There are 3 zoo's in Guangzhou and we went to the City zoo which is the oldest, smallest, and closest. Sophia didn't seem to notice the animals as she chewed on her stroller, but it was still fun.
  After the zoo we went to a resteraunt called Latin, where they would carve you the steak from a piece of meat on the stick. It was very good, but really loud.
  We came back for a nap before having dinner with the group and I when I awoke my already deteriating condition had worsened. I ran a slight fever, have a touch of sore throat and a cough. However, our doctor was kind enough to give us prescription medicine before the trip, so I am on the mend.
  The big news... SOPHIA POOPED!! It has been 4 days since we got her and she had her first bowel movement. This plus she is eating her formula like a champ now, so maybe alot of the grieving of her old life is passed.
  Here are 14 pictures from another fun day in China.

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