Day 7- Sightseeing
January 25th 2007

  I thought I would be telling you guys about our sick baby who would not eat today, But she is doing much better. She had a little more than 20oz of formula today and played really hard.
  We started our day with some sightseeing at the Chen Family House. This house is a place for the Chen relatives to gather and remember their ancestors. The pictures I took of it were great, but I'm only going to show you a few so that I can squeeze in more pictures of Sophia (afterall, it is all about her).
  After a 2 hour nap and a 15 minute meltdown, we went with the group by individual taxi to a resteraunt. It was Sophia's first taxi ride, and believe it or not, mine too. I enjoyed the food, just would like to have some more alone time with the baby rather than group activities.
  Here are 14 pictures from today, and tomorrow we go to the zoo.

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