Day 6- Shopping
January 24th 2007

  Today after a great breakfast (some of th best french toast ever, sorry Mom) we found a playroom. It was really the first time we got to see Sophia play without us motivating it. Probably one of the first times we even put her down.
  After we played we went to get our Adoption papers called the Red Book. Then, with official work being done we went to downtown Guangzhou for some "light " shopping. Anyone who knows me would know I would rather jab a sharp pencil in my eye than shop, and this trip was no different. As the pictures will show, the area was so crowded that people bumped each other constantly. And though I suffered through it, there was no time to stop at the one McDonalds I have seen so far.
  After we came back to the room we met the group at a Tai resteraunt. The food was good, and one of the nice men in our group (must be rich) payed for everyone.
  Now the first bit of bad news. In 3 days Sophia has only eaten 1 bottle of formula and 1 can of baby food. So we took her to the doctor who told us her throat was red, and she was congested. So we force fed her medicine and water as she cried. She is such a trooper though and still snuggled Daddy as I rocked her to sleep.
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