Day 5- It's Official
January 23rd 2007

  Today we went back to the Chinese Public Affairs building and made the adoption official. We were asked questions such as "do you accept this child" and will you never abandon her". Easy stuff.
  Afterwards we had the rest of the day off for whatever. Sophia finally ate something for the first time since we got her. Everyone says it is because she is greiving, but we were worried. She ate a whole jar of Apples and Banana baby food and almost a whole jar of Peach juice. Later before bed she had a few other bites of baby food, but we think she is teething which is hurting her appetite.
  We went out as a group (8 families) to a Cantenese restaraunt that I thought was wonderful. The entire meal, including my three beers was about $6 a person. Good stuff. Also I gave Sophia a bath tonight, and as I rocked her to sleep she held my ear and pressed her mouth to mine. Of course her fingers were in her mouth, but to me it was the sweetest thing ever. Here are 12 pictures from today.

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