Day 4- Gotcha Day
January 22nd 2007

  The day we have waited for for a long time... and now we know why. As each family got their babies, the babies would cry as it is a stressful time for them. When we got Sophia she did not shed a tear. She began grabbing Michelle's hair and hugging her face. When I held her she laughed for me several times. Everyone commented on how good she was and her chubby cheeks.
  After we got to our room, she had her first little meltdown. This is normal as she is grieving the loss of her nannies and other children she has known all her life. She refused to eat, but settled down after a bath. Michelle just got her to sleep.
  Sophia is a little Angel. The Nanny said that she is very good natured and only cries if hungry (like her daddy). She is teething as sshe is drooling and chewing on everything she can get her hands on. But so cute, very sweet, and laughs out loud everytime her daddy plays with her. The reason it took so long for us to adopt is because Sophia is ours. She has always been destined to be ours, and now we finally have her. Here are 14 pictures from the most special day in our lives.

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