Day 3- More Travel
January 21st 2007

 Today we left Beijing at 8am and flew to Guangzhou where we will stay at the White Swan hotel until we fly home. The flight was only about 3 hours, and we had nothing else scheduled today, but we are exhausted. It's 8:15pm here and I hope to be asleep by 9pm.
 The weather in Guangzhou is much more to Michelle and my liking as it is normally a tropical climate. It has rained all day today and is a chilly 50, but we hope that will change. Without much scheduled today, I didn't take many pictures, but here are 6 number for you to checkout.
 Tomorrow is the day we have waited for a very long time... "Gotcha Day". Tomorrow's update should include our first photos with Sophia. Time for bed now, so I will have the strength to be a Daddy tomorrow.
 Update on internet connection: It's good. Much better than Beijing. I should have no more trouble doing site updates, but I still can not get my email. Once again if you need to I can be reached at

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