Day 2 - Beijing Tour
January 20th 2007

 We started our day with a tour of Teineman's (spelling?) Square. I could not believe the beauty of the architecture and the culture. Also I could not believe the amount of pushy street venders. Then we went to the Forbidden City and saw where Emperors used to live. I tell ya truly, if I had taken 1000 photos I would still be several thousand short to begin to show the grandeur and enormosity of this place. Fabulous.
  After an interisting but fantastic lunch, we went to The Great Wall. If you can go up to the top of the Great Wall you get a certificate saying you are a Great Wall hero. This was enough incentive for me, so up I went while the girls captured my glory. Well to be honest, though I did make it to the top, it was just barely... and with me sitting on the steps quite often. I think I left my lungs at the top, but my lower back would not allow me to go back and retrieve them.

  Another great day, and another 14 images to cronical it.
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