Day 1 - Travel
January 18th 2007

 So we left Louisville at 8am, made a stop in Chicago and flew from Chicago over Canada, around Alaska, over Siberia and down Asia until we got to Beijing. We are a little tired, but inspired that we are so close to getting Sophia.
So far everyone here is nice and most speak some English which is nice since I speak very little Chinese. There were some pushy ladies at the airport who tried to carry our luggage and wanted a tip even though we would not let them, but for the most part it's been great.
  I have had a bit of trouble with connecting to the internet, so as Michelle sleeps I type this at 2:45am. Seems like the middle of the afternoon to me however. Anyway, here are 14 pictures from travel day. Tomorrow we go to tour Beijing and I should have some good pictures then.

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