Pre Trip
January 17th 2007

 Wow we feel priveliged that you are here taking this journey with us.. Step one is preparing for the trip. We leave at 8am on January 18th and arrive in Beijing at 4am on January 19th. Here's the confusing part.. China is 12 hours ahead of Louisville time, so it will actually be 4pm in China at arrival. Not sure if I will have updates that day or not. Thanks for being here it means alot that you would care enough to follow us along.

As you will see, packing wasn't easy for us. For traveling in China you may only have one checked luggage per person and one carry on. The checked luggage has to be no more than 45lbs. Kinda hard to pack for 17 days with a baby and stay under 45lbs, so we had humoungus carry ons as well. We finally finished packing and getting ready at 1am. A good 3 hours of sleep until the next leg of our journey.

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