Day 10- The Orphanage
January 28th 2007

  I got requests for more closeups of Sophia, so today there will not be a shortage of those. But we did some kewl stuff as well. We started our day at 10am at the 6 Banyan Trees Budhist temple. The temple itself is over 1500 years old. While at the temple we each got to make a wish and a Budhist monk blessed Sophia and the other babies in the group.
  After the 6 Banyon trees Temple, we wnt to the pearl market where you could get a real pearl necklace for $30. So we bought one for Sophia for when she is older. The pearl market was a 5 story mall full of nothing but Jewelry stores. Sandy and Michelle loved that.
  Finally after a short nap we went to Foshan nanHai Welfare institute where Sophia spent her first 15 months. The director and nannies was very nice and we took lots of pics and video. They say our orphanage was one of the better ones. It was hard leaving when all the older kids called me Daddy and wanted a hug and to hold my hand.
  Here is today's 14 pictures.

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