Day 11- The Physical
January 29th 2007

  An easy day today. Other than a physical that took from 10:30-11:30 our schedule for the day was open. This means Michelle and Sandy did alot of shopping while Sophia and I did alot of playing.
  After the physical, which Sophia did fine, it was time for a bottle and a nap. After the nap Sophia and I went to the playroom for a long time. She learned what a ball was and what a toy car was. I learned that I now have fun just watching her. I need to do nothing, except watch her play and learn for my happiness. It was a good day.
  We ate at a place called Lucy's on the strip by the hotel. I had a BLT and a baked potato, and it was right on the money. AFter a short stroll by the river, it was time to get the little angel back to the room for a nap and night night.
  Here are 14 pictures of a very uneventful, and appreciated day.

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