Day 12- The Red Couch
January 30th 2007

  We decided not to go with the group to a Chinese village since it was going to be a long ride, and instead slept in a bit. After breakfast we took Sophia to the playroom where she made friends, kinda. Then we did more shopping. After Michelle got Sophia down for her nap, I stayed in while her and Sandy did even more shopping.
  What was neat was when Sophia woke up and it was just me and her, she just laid with me in bed with her back up against me playing. She has me wrapped.
  After Michelle and Sandy returned, we all went downstairs for group pictures. Sophia refused to look at the camera, and decided to practice her bymnastics instead. The red couch in the White Swan hotel is famous for baby group photos.
  Finally the group went to an Italian resteraunt and I got me some Lasagna... not the best, but good enough.
  Here are 14 pictures of Sophias day and the red couch photos.

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