Day 13 - The 5 Goats
January 31st 2007

  We went to the 5 goats park. There was some legend about the park being founded by immortal goats, or something like that. Sorry I was distracted by my daughters smile during the story. Then we wnet to a museum called the 5 stories which was once a defensive outpost for Guangzhou. Now it had the history og the Universe stored there... or something like that, sorry still distracted.
  What I thought would be cool is the Toy mall we went to. SImilar to the pearl market, the Toy mall had 5 floors of nothing but toy stores. At first it was fun, but it was crowded. I am talking Christmas Eve at Toys R Us type crowded. And the isles were barely big enough for a stroller. Before long I wanted to shove a pencil in my eye, and Michelle being funny bought me a giant wooden pencil while I waited. I am now not sure how to get all the souveniers we have bought home with us.
  Sophia is good as ever, but she has not pooped in a few days so she has a bit of a tummy ache. We will start her on medicine tomorrow if she does not feel better. Here are another 14 pictures from our day/

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