Day 14 - Done
February 1st 2007

 By "Done" I mean we have no other reason to stay here outside of our plane does not leave until Saturday. The adoption is finalized, and we have her passport to bring her home. Hoorah!! The only activity we did today was to drive to the US Consulate to receive her passport, and they confiscate your cameras at the door. So today, I only have 6 pictures for you.
 " Why not more pictures of Princess Sophia" you may ask. Well, today I learned that being a parent does not always mean your child is happy. Sometimes your child may not feel good, or may even need an exorcism. The princess did not feel well and was a little grumpy. I think she is done too.
  Done with sightseeing, done with hard beds, done with missing my family, done with mystery meat cheeseburgers... That reminds me. We ate at Lucy's tonight which serves "americanized" food. After ordering I began eating my cheeseburger when the Barry Mailow song "Mandy" came on and I wrote a new lyric: "Oh Lucy's I came and I asked for a burger, but you fed me a dog murdered, oh Lucy." Sorry, I am so tired, it's hard being funny. Enjoy the update. 1 more until we travel home.

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