Referral Day
November 30th

       This long awaited day comes exactly 15 months from our paper worrk login date. I got the call at work at exactly 2:10pm. The following is what Leslie from Great Wall told me:

Her Chinese name is Hai Zhi Xie
Her birthday is 10-04-05
She is in a Social Welfare Center called Foshan
She is in the province of Guangdong
She is a deep sleeper who laughs often
She is close to her caregiver
She is trying to immitate words and sounds already.

Immediatly after the call I relayed the info to Michelle and we spread the word from there. Three hours later we were sent her pictures and we were in love.

We hope that you can continue our journey to Sophia with us. Through this section of my website I will try to update pages daily with pictures and a daily blog of our activities. You will find links acorss the top of the page for each day of our journey. These links will not become active until I have that days blog complete.

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