Day 17 - Airport Pictures
February 3rd 2007

 This will be my final entry under Journey to Sophia. Aunt Judy and Great Aunt DeeDee were kind enough to take pictures of us arriving at the airport, and it was so special that I wanted to share those with you as well.
  Though this is the end of our journey to get Sophia, we are beginning the new journey to raise Sophia. You should all know that Sophia is adjusting marvelously as she slept almost 10 hours last night. On top of that, she eats her formula regularly, and we have begun attempting to introduce her to new foods. She is a happy healthy little pooter and we could not be a happier family to have her.
  For those having withdraw and craving updates, I will on occasion add photos to the "Photo" section of my web site. I have already added some of Sophia at her first family gathering, and of her in her Valentines outfit. You are welcome to view my photo section and follow along with Sophia as she grows.
  Again, thank everyone who has followed our journey, and for all the prayers and well wishes. We appreciate the support and will be forever grateful. May God shed his blessings on you as he has for Michelle and I.

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  Thank you for taking the Journey with us
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