Day 16 - Coming Home
February 3rd 2007

  Has it really been 10 days since we have been home with Sophia? It must be judging from all the email complaints I have received asking me to finish day 16 and 17. Sorry, it was a tiring week, but I will try my best to backtrack and give you the scoop.
  So we left the hotel of the White Swan at 6am and did not arrive home until after 8pm the following day (which oddly enough was still february 3rd because of the time difference). Sophia did really good all things considering. She had some constipation, and not letting this child on the floor to play is rough. But the big flight lasted 14 hours and she was only cranky 1 1/2 hours of that.
  The layover in Chicago was killer since we were so close to being home, and we were so tired. Our flight was suppose to leave at 3:40, but left at 7pm instead. Yuck. The best thing though was that when we landed in Louisville we had a huge welcoming committee. Family and friends made it to the airport to welcome us home and get their first live glimpse of Sophia. That was the lift we needed at the right time.
  Unfortunatly, I was too tired to take photos at that point, but Judy and Dee Dee hooked me up. Day 17 will have those photos once I am able. For now here are 14 photos from the 2 days of travel.

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