Nov 12 1995 - April 5 2005

   When Michelle and I were dating back in 1995, all she wanted for Christmas was a kitten. I went to the Shamrock foundation to adopt a kitten and had picked out the prettiest one there. But before I could tell them he was the one I wanted, they brought in this scraggly kitten that had been left in a bag on the freeway where his owners had burned off his whiskers with fire, then abandoned him. I could not possibly overlook this little baby, so he was the one I took home instead.
  What I didn't realize was Michelle didn't really want a kitten, and I could not take him back, so he became mine.  I named him Boo after the Jim Carrey movie Pet Detective where he went "Who's a Boo Boo Doo Doo Boo... Whos a Boo?"  From day one, my little friend would sleep with me on my belly... until he had a belly himself. Boo grew to be a hefty 20 lb cat, and though he did not like to be around large groups of folks, he would always cuddle up with me when we were alone.

  Eventually Michelle and I would reconcile and marry, and Boo became her baby as well.  He moved with us to our new home on Fury, and just like us, he loved lounging in the sun.  He even learned to love his adopted sister, Ginger (our greyhound), and they would play and lay together.
  Boo recently contracted a disease called FIP. We did not have Boo long after this, and we had to put him to rest on April 5th 2005. It was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do, but the vet assured us, it was best for him.  I will miss and always love my little Boo.

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