Mother's Day
May 13, 2007

  It was a very special day for us since it was Michelle's First Mother's Day as a mother. We had a busy day starting at Mike Lennings to meet Meam, Cora, Dudley, and the Fogle crew. Though it was crowded, we had a table and the food only took 30 minutes. And yum, Mike Lennings. Then we packed little Sophia up for a visit to Mom's house. She was the star of the show of course and everyone could not keep their hands off of her. After a few hours, Sophia was drained, so we went home for a nap before visiting Sandy. Sandy's was fun as well, though we missed Billy being there (he worked). As I said, it was a big day with lots to do, but Sophia did great and stayed happy throughout. Here are 14 pictures from Mother's Day 2007.

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