March Updates
March 2007

  I know I just put February updates on, but here are 14 more from the month of March. Did I mention that Sophia is adorable? She is. When I come home most nights, she crawls to me squealing with mouth wide open. This can be bad however, as the little princess can be dangerous. She has bitten her Daddy more than once, and scratched he Momma's eyeball. But normally, she is very sweet and we have been teaching her how to be more gentle.
  Her schedule includes 2 naps during the day now, as she seems so tired. Also we are trying to put her to bed at 8 instead of 9 when we can. Putting her to sleep is easy, and fun while she looks up at you giggling. She likes to rock, and jostle when being held, and Daddy is there to oblige.
   These may be the last updates until Easter, so enjoy.

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