February Updates
February 2007

  I try not to break my promises, and I promised to give regular updates on Princess Sophia. It has been about a month since her Valentines Photos, so here are 14 more from the month of February.
  Sophia has adjusted nicely since we have been home and is a great sleeper. She plays nonstop when awake and keeps Michelle and I very busy. After 6 weeks of being home, she likes visitors, loves to ride in her car seat, and always giggles when we return home. We have found that she loves Hip Hop music and her favorite song appears to be "This Is Why I'm Hot" since she shakes her booty every time she hears it.
     Eating is still an issue, as she will take nothing except for her formula. Actually, the only time she gets angry is when it's time for a bottle. And, Lord help you if her bottle isn't made to her liking. Enjoy the photos.

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