Crystal and Cory Farewell
February 10th 2007

  Crystal and Cory are moving up by Boston MA next week, so Judy threw them a farewell party Saturday. It was Sophia's first family outing and though she did well at first, she had been passed around enough about 2 hours into the night. She and I crashed on the couch for awhile, and she was better.
  Because of the little princess's meltdown, I did not get to take many pictures, and this was supposed to be all about Crystal and Cory, so I added a few pictures from their visit to our house. Of course the common theme here is that Sophia is in every picture. The moral of this story is if in the future you want to be on my site, be close to Sophia at all times.
  Anyway, Michelle and I have gotten very close to Crystal and Cory since they have been in Louisville, and we will miss hanging with them. But, we plan to go to see them, and I am sure they will make it home to see Sophia as well, so it's all good. We love you guys. Here are 12 pictures.

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