Open Adoption

  In 2005 we felt that we were led to the China adoption program to have our first child. Once we had Sophia in our arms forever, we knew our choice was correct. She is such a part of me and I feel she was always destined to be a huge part of our family.

  Now that Sophia was in our lives we felt a calling again. As before we researched the many different adoption options and decided to have an Open Adoption plan. An Open Adoption is one in which we have open communication with the birth family and they know, speak with, and see the child even after they are placed with us. At first the prospect was a scary one, but we decided to lay our own insecurities aside for the betterment of our adopted child. We chose to go through the Texas Open Adoption agency called Abrazo, and they have been wonderful. To learn more about Open Adoption please visit or

  This Journey is quite different from our first Journey to Sophia as we are dealing with another families privacy and grief over the need to place their child through adoption. But love is a powerful thing, and I am certain that with everyone involved concerned with the happiness and wellbeing of this child that wonderous things will happen. You are welcome to follow along with our Journey to Carter and though I will not be posting pictures daily as before, I will make sure that those of you unable to be with us will be part of this experience.

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